Research for Better Schools

PHMC is pleased to announce that non-profit Research for Better Schools (RBS) has joined its family of programs and services! As a pioneer and leader in education research and evaluation, RBS brings to PHMC 50 years of experience in delivering high quality applied research, technical assistance, training, and evaluation support to the education sector.

As a public health institute committed to addressing health inequities, PHMC understands we must address the social determinants of health– like education—to truly improve our region’s health. We know that individuals with less education are at increased risk of poorer health, more likely to die at younger ages, and have a harder time accessing needed care than those with more education.

Our expanded services are a response to the CDC’s identification of education as a leading health indicator that must be addressed to improve the nation’s health and reduce inequality.

For more information about our educational research and evaluation services, please contact Kelly Feighan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..